Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Yeaah - I loved this series and YIPPEEE series 2 is currently being filmed - with the return of THE BRIG - wahooooooo.
Um as you can gather I'm just a little bit pleased to see Sarah Jane back on the
screen. By far the best Doctor Who companion ever - although there were several others I liked to - but none could match Sarah Jane.
Like so many from my generation I felt a real loss when she was just unceremoniously "dumped" by the 4th Doctor and always believed myself that he would go back for her. Now all these years later we see her return in the wonderful "School Reunion", certainly one of the best Doctor Who episodes of all time. Then the lovely Lis Sladen was given her own spin-off series - The Sarah Jane Adventures.
"Invasion of the Bane" was a huge success and a wonderful first series of her adventures followed. My personal favourites from the series were Eye of the Gorgon, The Lost Boy and Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Although I must admit I'm not sure that the young Sarah is exactly how I would imagine her, but still it was a great story.
I have included two of my favourite Sarah Jane Smith links - Sarah-Jane-tv blog is brilliant and is my favouritre, also the official BBC one is also really good and is worth checking out and having some fun with the downloads and games.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


This is the autobiography of a really lovely and fascinating lady. Anneke is best remembered for her roles as Polly in Doctor Who, alongside William Hartnell and then Patrick Troughton and Strange Report with Anthony Quayle; but there is so much more to Anneke and she really has a fascinating tale to tell. I have only just started the book but find it hard to put down, I just wish I had the time to simply sit and read it right through, but I will get there eventually.

I am now up to Chapter 11 and have already had a few cries and some laughs. I am finding it a really great book and have difficulty putting it down - but sadly needs must. I love the way it is written, you really get the sense of it being someone's memories. Anneke doesn't go into long drawn out sentences on one subject.
The book is, of course, a must for Doctor Who fans, but this is the first volume of a two part autobiography and only very briefly touches on that small era in her life and should appeal to everyone.

I will report back once I have read it through completely. I would be very interested to read other people's comments.